Functioning, Retaining and Securely Using Your Electrostatic Gun

Operators perform a key aspect inside the results of any manual electrostatic software. Like all finishers the operators should use sound spraying procedures.


This incorporates right gun to element distance, good spray gun angle, appropriate overlapping strategies, right gun triggering and prevent extreme gun waving. Operators really should check out the coatings’ viscosity, know and verify the guns’ flow level, set and check out the atomizing pressures and the spray pattern, guarantee which the electrostatic gun is functioning, and verify periodically for film make consistency through the use of a soaked movie thickness gauge.

For his or her very own security it’s necessary the operators have to be positively grounded. The usage of electrostatic guns necessitates which the operator preserve skin make contact with involving his hand along with the electrostatic gun, given that the deal with is positively grounded. This may be attained by chopping a little gap during the palm with the glove.

Additionally, some organizations be certain that the flooring is usually a conductive surface area and some operators use exclusive leg straps that go all-around the leg and all around the outside of their sneakers. Since our bodies are conductive it is attainable to the operator to construct up a substantial cost if they’re not grounded. This could produce a static discharge which could trigger combustion or an explosion in the event the operator reaches into a can of solvent for instance.

Because equally the operator and the aspect to become sprayed are both equally positively grounded it can be doable for the operator being a focus on for the billed particles which could result inside of a great deal of overspray ending up over the operator. For this reason it is strongly recommended the operator retains the gun as distant from his system and makes sure that the component is nearer towards the head from the gun then his body would be to the pinnacle of your gun.

This will assist retain the coating going to the part and never towards the operator. On the other hand, the gun mustn’t be held to close to your section as this tends to reduce the voltage at the gun which will lessen the transfer efficiency. Check out the guidelines that arrived with the gun or inquire your products supplier with the suggested gun to component length.

Other difficulties that have an effect on the general performance of manual electrostatic gun apps are gun cleanliness and gun routine maintenance. If the coating is allowed to build-up to the barrel with the gun the substantial voltage popping out of your gun may very well be attracted to your grounded deal with with the gun. This tends to bring about the large voltage to reduce that can reduce the effectiveness. It can be extremely advised the operator takes advantage of disposable gun addresses and replaces them on a regular basis.